Issaquah FC

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Welcome to Issaquah FC!

We're excited to have you join the push to reinvent soccer in the Issaquah community under this new brand.

As we begin to get to know you, we wanted to offer you some points to consider as you make your soccer choices for the coming fall season:

Local Soccer: With the new Issaquah FC club, U8-U10 Rec League games will continue to be played against local Bellevue or Mercer Island clubs. At U11-12, Issaquah FC kids will also compete with teams from Snoqualmie Valley, and for U13 and older, kids will compete in District 2 league with Lake Washington, SnoValley and Northshore club teams. In comparison, other Issaquah youth soccer options may force kids to travel far afield to places like Tacoma, Sumner and Puyallup to play their games.

Quality Rec experience: EYSA has a well-developed coach orientation and training program, focused on Rec coaches and players, as well as aids to help coaches plan and run practices appropriate for their players' age and level of development.

Affordable Soccer: You can go here to see the new Issaquah FC pricing.

Soccer Refs: EYSA has an established system for training and scheduling referees for all U8 and older games, and the new Issaquah FC club will be able to plug right in.

Adult programming: EYSA is all about youth soccer -- the "Y" is there for a reason. As such, the new Issaquah FC club will ONLY support programming for participants up to the age of 18, and will not devote time, money and resources on "adult" teams.

Governance: Both EYSA and WYS have many levels of governance and check and balances to ensure that clubs operate ethically and that coaches and team managers are correctly supervised and trained. Again here, the new Issaquah FC club will plug right in and benefit.

Premier Soccer: EYSA boasts one of the top Premier/RCL clubs in the state -- Eastside FC. All EYSA clubs (including the new Issaquah FC) have the ability to help migrate their top players up to play for EFC. Because EFC is able to draw on a broad pool of players from Bellevue, Mercer Island, Issaquah and even beyond, the overall quality and competition ensures that the teams are top-notch. In addition, because all of the EYSA clubs (including the new Issaquah FC) maintain robust Club Select (the middle tier of programming between Rec and Premier) teams at all age levels, we ensure that the EFC Premier teams continue to insist on a high quality bar for the best players in the region.

Next Steps for Issaquah Families

So now, going forward, if you live within the Issaquah school district area, you will have a choice for where your kids play soccer. If you want to investigate your options with the new club in town, Issaquah FC, here's what you need to know:

Naming, Logo and Colors: We've got a new name, logo and colors -- they're both new and, in the case of a portion of the name and colors, they're a significant nod to the past. We're moving the club forward, but not forgetting the Issaquah roots…

Registration: Issaquah FC is open for business. You can register your children now to play soccer in the fall. Issaquah FC is accepting registrations at all levels -- Micro, Mod, Rec and Club Select.

Player or Team Registration Options: Because of the unique circumstances surrounding the formation of this new Issaquah club, we are offering an option of allowing Team Managers or Coaches to bulk-register an entire team. In other words, if you want to keep your team from last year (Micro, Mod, Rec or Select) together and move them "as-is" over to Issaquah FC, we can accommodate you. Click here for details.

Volunteers Wanted: There is still plenty of opportunity to get involved with the leadership of the new Issaquah FC. We're looking for volunteers!

Please help us spread the word about the NEW Issaquah FC club. We believe that Issaquah FC and EYSA present a strong and viable new alternative to other soccer options in Issaquah. Thanks for your support!