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Issaquah FC Board of Directors

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Issaquah FC Administration


Executive Director
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My affiliation with youth soccer in Issaquah began more than a decade ago. At that time, the area had an excellent reputation for fielding competitive teams with both the premier (EFC) and club select (ISC) formats. Both of my daughters were academically inspired multi-sport athletes, interested in competitive soccer but not at the exclusion of other activities; club select was our choice, and thus our relationship with ISC began. Our teams were quite competitive,yet never discouraged diversity in the activities of their team members while always maintaining player fees manageable for most families. During these years, the Club was volunteer driven, and my involvement ranged from Team Treasurer to volunteering at club functions such as try-outs and tournaments. Following their playing years, I joined ISC officially as coordinator of the select program in 2011, and moved to the club-wide finance side in 2013.

I am excited and inspired to bring my experience and expertise to Issaquah FC. The club's niche within the WYS/EYSA hierarchy perpetuates an historical organizational relationship which for 4 decades has supported youth soccer activity and player development in the greater Issaquah area. Being part of Issaquah FC we each share the opportunity to again offer the community a model for youth soccer with proven success. I hope you will join your friends and neighbors in the journey ahead; it worked for my family, and I am confident it will benefit yours as well.

Select Registrar
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My family and I have been living in the Issaquah area since 1995. I have 3 children that have all played soccer for local clubs. I began coaching youth soccer in 1996. I have enjoyed coaching at different levels from Recreational, with ISC, to Issaquah High School & Issaquah Middle School girls soccer. I believe that there should be local neighborhood clubs with levels of play for all players and that all players matter. I joined the Issaquah FC administration team after coaching at their Select level during Issaquah FC's inaugural year. I am very excited to be a part of this new growing neighborhood club.

Coaching Experience:

Ballard High Asst. Varsity 1996-1997, Nathan Hale Varsity Coach 1997 - 2005, IHS Freshman coach 2006 - Present, IMS Varsity coach 2010 - Present, ISC Fall Rec Coach 2006-2009, Eastside FC Asst coach (GU97W) 2009 - 2014, Eastside FC Asst. coach (GU02W) 2014 - 2015, EYSA - VP of Competition - 2016 - Present, NPSL - Board member - 2016 - present

Fields Program Coordinator
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I have been involved in youth sports in the Issaquah Community since my kids were young.  I loved my experience as a child playing multiple sports and wanted my kids to experience similar.  I started out as a micro soccer coach, a micro coach for ISD Girls Lacrosse Club, and then as my kids got older and coaching was above my capabilities, I took on a volunteer micro coordinator position, graduated to a board member, and I was part of the inception of ISD Girls Lacrosse Club.  As a volunteer, I wore many hats and through my involvement, I got to know many families and work with various facilities in the Issaquah community.  I am fortunate to have known Kelly Galloway for many years.  We have been big supporters and sounding boards for each other as we navigated our youth sports platforms.  Now that both of my kids are in college and my husband and I are official empty nesters, the timing and fit felt right when Issaquah FC was looking for a scheduler.  I am eager to be a part of a club that gives the kids of our community an excellent opportunity to experience fitness, fun, friendship and team sports.