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Program Options

Issaquah FC Offers Program Options for Players and Their Families

As a key part of the EYSA (Eastside Youth Soccer Association) family, Issaquah FC provides many different options and player pathways for Issaquah players to follow. There are a few differences between the programs. As a player moves through the different options, the level of competition, the time commitment, and the associated costs increase.

Recreational soccer (which includes Micro and Mod soccer) is community-based, without tryouts, and has a 3-4 month commitment.

While also community-based, Select soccer has tryouts and a 6-10 month season. Teams play more competitive games, and may travel (once or twice) outside the Puget Sound area. Select soccer is a good fit for the athlete who wants to play soccer at a higher level and still participate in other activities.

Premier soccer (offered through the EYSA Premier club, Eastside FC) is the highest level of competition in youth soccer, and draws players from multiple communities within our region. Premier soccer is year round, requires a greater time commitment (players are expected to prioritize soccer over other sports), and sometimes includes out-of-state travel.

You can consult our age chart to determine the correct age group to register your child for the upcoming fall season.