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Issaquah FC Club Store

We are partnering with the locally owned Winners Sportswear store to provide our uniforms and fan wear.  

Recreational Store
  • Recreational Store LinkIssaquah FC Recreational Uniform and Fan Wear
  • Uniforms:  Recreational Uniforms are included as part of your registration. The uniform kit includes 1 red and 1 white IFC jersey, 1 pair of black shorts and 1 pair of black socks.  Additional items can be purchased through the recreational store.
  • Optional Recreational Fan Wear:  Performance t-shirts, hoodie, backpack, beanie, baseball cap, blanket, cinch bag
  • Store Open Date:  August 1st 2022
  • Store Closing Date: September 30th 2022

Select Store
  • Select Uniforms Link: IFC Select Uniforms
  • UniformsSelect Uniforms are required as part of the Select program.
    • Required: 1 red jersey, 1 white jersey, 1 set of black shorts, 1 set of red shorts, 1 pair of black and 1 pair of red socks.  
    • Uniform Store Open: June 13th
    • Uniform Store Closes: June 30th 2022.  Uniforms need to be ordered by June 30th. 
    • Note:  The Select uniform site is a different cart from Select fan wear site, as you are ordering directly through the Teamatical platform. 
Select Uniform Accessories and Fan Wear:
We are excited to partner with Winners and offering the renowned Hummel brand to a number of our fan wear. Everton, Southampton and the Danish national teams are just some teams that wear Hummel gear

  • Store Open: June 13th 2022
  • Store Closed: September 30th 2022

Optional Select Fan Wear: 

  • Performance t-shirts,
  • Camouflage Performance Tee
  • Ombre hoodie with optional player name and number
  • Russell hoodie with optional player name and number 

Hummel Fan Wear:

  • Multiple Hummel tops for parents and players
    • Authentic Poly Hoodie, Waffle Full Zip and Waffle Half-zip tops have both men and women sizes.  These garments are ideal for parents.
    • Hummel sweatpants
    • Hummel backpack

Goalkeeper Gear

  • Goalkeeper Jerseys
  • Goalkeeper Gloves
  • Goalkeeper pants

Additional Accessories

  • IFC Beanie
  • IFC Baseball Caps
  • IFC Blankets
  • IFC Scarf

Examples of garments that are in the store!