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In the fall of 2017, EYSA conducted a series of Parent Info clinics in Issaquah and Bellevue. The agenda for the clinics was based on FAQ (frequently asked questions) commonly brought up year after year by families.

In an effort to better disseminate the ANSWERS to these FAQs we've staged a "greatest hits" recording of the clinic on YouTube and have broken down the clinic video into "bite-sized" chunks (note that its one long video but the links below take you to the specific point in the video where the targetted info was discussed) here so that EYSA families can easily view and learn.

Each video "bite" below runs somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes, making it easy to watch...and hopefully informative as well. Enjoy!

  • Part 1 - Agenda: The intro section to the clinic which provides the lay of the land and a quick overview of the agenda. 

  • Part 2 - Player Pathways: A brief explanation of how the different programs within EYSA are set up to progress soccer youth all the way up to the college and professional ranks. 

  • Part 3 - New and Old Rules: A quick overview of a few rules (Build-out lines/no poaching and Offside) which always seem to confuse, bedevil and annoy parents and new coaches. The segment also touches briefly on the advantage rule, slide tackling, shoulder to shoulder 'tackles' and the changes to the heading rule. 

  • Part 4 - EYSA Coaching Blueprint: An overview of the EYSA curriculum and coaching philosophy that we're continuing to build into the program with the assistance of the Sounders coaching staff. 

  • Part 5 - Paid Coach vs Trainer vs Parent Coach: A break-down of the way to think about the need for the type of coach (or trainer) that any given team, age group or skill level demands/requires. 

  • Part 6 - Registration and Referees: Here we handle common questions about the two R's --- registration and refs. The reg section talks about birth year rules, proof of birth, team selection criteria, play-ups and play-downs and roster size limits. The ref section talks about earrings, how to respect refs, how to help your child think about embracing refereeing and the Ref in the Pool program. 

  • Part 7 - What is Soccer? Periodization?: We introduce you to a new training concept for sports in general and soccer specifically --- periodization. This concept is important for both coaches and parents to embrace as it leads to better sports health for youth soccer players, and ultimately, to better performance on the field.

  • Part 8 - Sideline Behavior: The age-old issue of how coaches and parents SHOULD behave vs how they unfortunately all too frequently DO behave is explored in this segment. 

  • Part 9 - Specialization vs Multi-Sport: Here we share some conventional wisdom about how and why to encourage your children to participate in a wide range of different sports for as long as possible. Sure, soccer is the best sport in the world, but help your child maintain their passion for the game and help them thrive in the game, by keeping them active in other sports too.

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