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Q: Is this an Eastside FC program or an Issaquah FC program?

This is a hybrid EYSA (Eastside Youth Soccer Association) program. Both Eastside FC and Issaquah FC are 2 of the 6 members of EYSA and work extremely closely together to fashion a broad set of programs for the youth of Issaquah. The Junior RCL league is set up for EYSA and LWYSA (Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association) teams. The large majority of teams in the league come from either EFC or Crossfire. However, Mercer Island FC, Lake Hills Soccer Club and also Issaquah FC offer co-branded teams who also participate in the league.

Q: When can I play JR's?

U8 and U9

Q: If my son/daughter plays with Juniors in the spring, where do they play in the fall since Issaquah FC doesn't offer a fall Issaquah FC Juniors program?

We strongly encourage all Issaquah FC players to cycle back to their IFC Rec teams in the fall season. This "split" between Juniors in the spring and IFC Rec in the fall is a great way to find a good balance between playing with friends in the fall and playing at a slightly higher competitive level in the spring.

Q: What is the cost of this program?

There is a $500.00 registration fee and a $50.00 uniform fee.

Q: Where will the practices and games be?

Practices and games will be based at the Eastside FC fields in Preston.

Q: Why are all practices and games based in Preston?

Because of the proximity of the Eastside FC fields to Issaquah AND because of the "competition" for field space in Issaquah (with other sports teams), we have found it easiest to take advantage of the availability of the Eastside FC fields in Preston.

Q: Do I register through Eastside FC or Issaquah FC?

Issaquah FC will have a link on our website that will connect you to the registration page for the Junior program, which will have a link to registration.

Q: Do I have to play JR's?

No, we just want to provide an option to play soccer during the spring season.

Q: What will the competition be like?

It will be varied competition, from the local clubs within EYSA.

Q: If there are no tryouts, how does this Juniors program maintain "quality control"?

The Juniors program is not "inexpensive" and it is a generous time commitment on the part of player and parent. In addition, the Juniors coaches will not be shy about providing feedback to parents if they feel like the player is misaligned with the level of play in the Juniors program. For all of the above reasons, our experience shows that we rarely have issues maintaining the proper level of play in the program.

Q: What will the practices be like?

Practices will be 2 times a week (1 1/4 hours long). Coaches will be following the EYSA Curriculum. There will be a focus on young players to get a feel for what it means to be a good teammate; they will also learn how to train, and begin to understand the structure and expectations around training.

Q: Who will be coaching me?

Coaches will be from the Eastside FC panel of coaches, with the possibility of our IFC coaches assisting.

Q: Is this Juniors program a "fast-track" to Isssaquah FC Select (starting in the U10 timeframe)?

This program is a great opportunity for your son or daughter to invest in additional skill-building and soccer touches during a non-fall timeframe AND to benefit from the great coaching of the Eastside FC coaching staff. However, participating in the Juniors program is in no way a prerequisite OR a guarantee for inclusion in either Issaquah FC Select or Eastside FC Premier teams starting at U10.

Q: How do I Contact Eastside FC if I have additional questions?

If you have any further questions please email:

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