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Issaquah FC Volunteer Safety Training Courses Instructions:

Here are the steps to complete the safety training courses (needs to be completed annually).

What trainings do you need & how to complete them before submitting for the Back Ground Check (RMA):


The trainings that need to be completed are:

#1. SafeSport

#2. Intro to Safety

You do not need to complete the Concussion nor the Sudden Cardiac Awareness training any longer; they have been combined to form “Intro to Safety”.


Once you are registered as a volunteer coach:

  • Go to your Issaquah FC member account

  •  Click “volunteer” on the left hand side of your homepage

  • You will see a box that shows the training with either a check mark (completed) or an orange triangle (needs to be completed) on the left side.

  • Click the box next to SafeSport, then click “Renew & Update”. This will redirect you to the US Soccer Learning Center. 

If you do not have an US Soccer Learning Center account you will first need to create an account and verify your email before you can log in.

Make sure you use the same email address you used to create your Issaquah FC account!

Once you Log into your account on US Soccer Learning Center:

  • Hover over “Courses”

  • Click “Available Courses”

  • Click “Supplemental Courses”

You will then see:

#1. SafeSport - Click and complete the training

#2. Intro to Safety - Click and complete the training

You will not need to upload your completed certificates as they will auto load for you.

Last Step!

Once you have completed your SafeSport and Intro to Safety you can now:

  • Return to your Issaquah FC member account “Volunteer” page

  • Click the “Risk Status” box

  • Click “Renew & Update” - Complete the form. (This is your Background Check.)

  • Click “Submit”

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