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Friends of Issaquah FC --- we need you! The list below encompasses the full set of various unpaid and paid roles which are currently open and looking to be filled. If any of these look interesting please reach out to us at for more information.

Volunteer Jobs: These jobs are two-year commitment roles which have a year-round focus with certain time periods being busier than others.

  • Board Member: At Large

  • Board Member: At Large

  • Board Member: At Large

Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Part-time/Hourly Paid Jobs: These jobs are perfect for a high school student, but can also easily be filled by a parent or college student as well. The jobs focus runs August thru November.

  • Micro Field Set-up/Tear-Down

  • U8/U9 Field Goal Set-up/Tear Down

  • Field Lining 1

  • Field Lining 2


Issaquah FC would like to thank all of our outstanding coaches and parent volunteers. By sharing your time and energy you have a positive impact on the entire community. Thank you for making club soccer possible for over one thousand Issaquah kids of all ages!

In addition to our coach and team volunteers, Issaquah FC also maintains a Volunteer Pool of parents who we can call on infrequently to help us with a number of different one-off tasks and projects for which we require a few extra hands. This list below outlines some, but not all, of the projects/tasks where the Volunteer Pool provides assistance. If you are interested in signing up (please note that high school students are also eligible to sign up for the pool), please contact us at For more jobs information, please visit Issaquah FC Jobs

  • Staffing IFC info booths at various Issaquah Community functions (e.g. Farmer's market, Salmon Days, etc.)

  • Staffing IFC slots in EYSA booths at pre-season and post-season tournaments or Jamborees

  • Helping to move IFC goals onto and off of fields at the beginning and end of the fall season

  • Attending City of Issaquah field meetings/hearings to help lobby for increased field allocations

  • IFC Select tryout welcome booth staffing assistance

  • Micro Clinic staffing assistance

  • IFC pre-season uniform distribution assistance

  • IFC pre-Fall season coaches' meeting set-up & equipment distribution assistance

  • Stand-by field assistant (striping)

  • IFC marketing distributions (flyers to elementary and pre-schools)

Employer Gift Matching Programs

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