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Q: What's different about Issaquah FC Micro Soccer vs other Issaquah-based Micro options?

  1. All sessions take place on Saturday mornings -- no late night cold weather issues!

  2. All Micro players receive a FULL uniform kit (jersey, shorts, socks) and a soccer ball (to keep) included in their registration cost.

Q: Are there practices or just games?

The Micro program combines the two. Every Saturday morning session begins with "practices" and then ends with fun scrimmages/games.

Q; If I want to coach a Micro team, how do I sign up?

This is one of our favorite questions! :-) First register your son/daughter. After doing so, simply register yourself (at no charge) and indicate that you wish to be a coach. Our team will then reach out to you to connect the dots.

Q: Is Micro soccer available for U5 (ie 4-year-olds and/or pre-K)?

Yes, the Issaquah FC program begins with U5 as we've found that this is the most appropriate age to allow for the correct amount of focus and skill development to occur.

Q: I see that Micro has volunteer coaches. How will that help the kids learn the game?

In addition to the volunteer coaches, Issaquah FC will have a professional coach on hand to oversee this program. The professional/paid coaches introduce the basic rules of the game, teach foundational skills (dribbling, passing, shooting) and also offer help and advice to the volunteer coaches.

Q: How does each weekly session flow?

Every Saturday morning session will begin with some fun warm ups led by the professional coaches in a large group session. Next, each week the professional coaches will do a large group demonstration of the skill/technique of the week. From there all the teams will break up into individual team practice sessions to focus in on the skill of the week and other fun games/drills. Finally, towards the end of the 90 minute session the teams will pair up for little mini-scrimmages. Each week the teams will scrimmage against different opponents.


For more information regarding the Micro season start/end dates and playing field location, please consult the main Micro Program page here.

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