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Q: Where are the Issaquah Home Game Fields? (Subject to change)

  • U6-U7 Micro Sessions: Tibbetts Valley Park

  • U8/U9 Mod: Beaver Lake Middle School (baseball outfield)

  • U10 Mod: Challenger Elementary

  • U11/U12 Mod: Veteran's Memorial

  • U13 through U18:

  • Beaver Lake Middle School (turf)

  • Central Park (turf)

  • Pine Lake Park

  • Skyline High School (turf)

Q: Which ages play on Saturday/Sunday?

EYSA provides the following information on their website:

  • Micro: Most U-6 and U-7 games are played on Saturday mornings.

  • MOD andYounger Rec (EYSA Youth): Most U8 - U12 games are played on Saturdays.

  • Older Rec (District 2): Boys U13 play Saturdays, and BU14-and-up games are on Sundays. Girls play on Saturdays through U15. Girls U16 and above play on Sundays.

  • Select (NPSL): All Girls (U10-14 in the Fall and U15-18 in the Winter/Spring) play on Saturdays. U10-14 boys will play Saturday and U15-18 boys play on Sunday.

  • Premier (RCL): Premier games at all ages, play on both Saturdays and Sundays. There is no specific designation by age or gender, although most ages play predominately Saturday. There are always double-header week-ends with RCL Leagues at all ages. Additionally, quite a high number of teams in RCL do re-schedule games, due to other Leagues they also play in, like Far West Regional League, and also due to coaches coaching multiple teams, etc, so Sat and Sunday games are common in RCL.

These days can't be changed as the individual clubs only have so many time slots for games each weekend day, and the schedule needs to fit all of the Eastside teams on the schedule. Except for Club Select and Premier teams, which play year-round or nearly so, Eastside teams generally play around 10 games for the season.

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