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Q: How is Select different than Premier at EFC?

There are several differences.

  1. Select costs are lower; typically $900 to $1300 for Select vs $3000+ for Premier

  2. Prior to High School Select teams have a shorter playing season

  3. Select allows for multi-sport athletes

  4. Most Select teams play in fewer tournaments

  5. There is less travel for Select teams as the leagues they play in are geographically tighter.

Q: What if I want to tryout for both Select and Premier?

We encourage players to visit our sister club, Eastside FC, for information on Premier soccer.

If you would like to be considered for both Select and Premier, please register for tryouts at both clubs and attend ALL posted tryout days and times.

Q: What is the timeline for a Select playing year?

February: tryouts are held for high school boys and teams formed

April-May: tryouts are held and teams formed (excluding high school boys)

June-July: 1-2 practices each week, play in 1 or 2 tournaments

August: 2 practices each week (not including high school girls teams), play in 1 or 2 tournaments

September-December: 10-12 game fall league (depending on age), 2 practices each week; except high school girls; their season runs from Nov to mid-March.

January-February: State Cup (optional for teams), not including high school girls

March-April: High school girls teams, State Cup (optional for teams)

Some teams may choose to also play a 6-8 game spring league season; however, this is optional and not part of the initial commitment. This is offered depending on field availability.

Q: What commitment is expected of players?

Soccer is assumed to be the player's primary extra curricular activity from June/July through November/December in order to be available for practices and games. Players will get out of the Select experience what they put into it. Those who attend and work hard at practice as well as on their own will improve their game over time. Frequently the dominant players at U10 or U11 are surpassed by U15 as the kids mature and players who have focused on improving their soccer skills begin to shine.

Q: What commitment is expected of parents?

In addition to making sure their child attends practice and games most parents will have an assigned team role. These roles/responsibilities include:

  1. Team Manager

  2. Treasurer - teams open an account from which team expenses are paid

  3. Assistant coach

  4. Team Canopy

  5. Team Insta-bench

  6. Tournament Coordinator

  7. Medical bag / ice for games

  8. Team parties / gatherings

  9. Statistics

  10. Referee in pool (RIP program)

Q: What is the general cost?

The estimated cost for a year of Select soccer is $900 to $1300. This includes:

  1. Registration fee covering practice fields, game fields, referees, one summer tournament and admin fees

  2. $240 - Home and away uniforms (jerseys, socks, shorts), sweats, backpack

  3. $300 - team fees for additional tournaments & equipment

Some teams may choose to hire a paid trainer which will typically add $50-80/month per player.

These costs do not include travel and additional equipment such as personal soccer balls, shin guards, and so on.

Q: Where do they play? What travel is involved?

Issaquah FC's Select teams play in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL). Typically, the longest commute would be for a game on Bainbridge Island though most teams you play will be in Seattle, on the eastside, or as far north as Bothell.

At times there have been teams from Bellingham in some divisions, however, that is the exception rather than the rule.

Q: Tournaments?

Teams are encouraged to play three summer tournaments. Fees for each range from $300 to $600 per team. From June through August there are multiple tournaments throughout the Puget Sound well within easy driving distance. Normally tournaments will have a game Friday afternoon or evening followed by two games on Saturday. If a team does well they will play in the playoffs on Sunday. Many tournaments include a Sunday game for all teams.

There are also some tremendous tournaments in the Portland area many teams will travel to. Travel tournaments provide great opportunities for teams to bond.

Q: What about State Cup? How does that work?

Playing in State Cup is encouraged but not required for Select teams.

Most Select teams will play in the Founders Cup held in January and February. Each team is placed in a bracket of four or five teams and will play round robin against those teams (one game each weekend). The top two teams (and sometimes wildcards) move on to the "loser out" games. On "Finals Weekend", held at Starfire in Tukwila, semi-final matches are played on Saturday followed by finals on Sunday.

Q: Please explain how tryouts work?

Issaquah FC will hold 2 days of tryouts for each age group and gender.   All players are encouraged to attend both days of tryouts.  


Q: How are Issaquah FC teams Selected / Determined?

Issaquah FC impartial evaluators will evaluate and stack rank all players at the end of the second day of Select tryouts. The top 7 for U10, top 9 for U11 & U12, and the top 11 for U13 and older are required to be given offers by the coach of the Select team. From there the coach fills in the rest of the players from those who attended tryouts.

Q: When will players be informed?

Tryout results will be posted by 8:00 p.m. on the day of the last day of tryouts for the specific gender/age group across all EYSA clubs.  Prior to the posting of the numbers the coach of the Select team is required to call each player chosen and offer them a spot on their team. Should a player decline their offer alternate players will be contacted.

Q: Any tryout advice?

For the players make sure they are hydrated, get their sleep, and eat properly. They need to bring a water bottle. Wear clothing appropriate to the weather.

For the parents… arrive early, help your child get signed in, and leave… do not watch the tryout yourself. Honestly you will just drive yourself crazy and set yourself up for "parent fail" later. The one thing kids hate the most about sports is the ride home. Avoid becoming that parent. All you need ask them is "what kind of ice cream would you like?"

Even for experienced evaluators it is difficult to stack rank players and different coaches appreciate different attributes.

Q: Do you have a playing time policy for Issaquah FC Select?

Playing time is at the discretion of the coach for all levels of Select play.  This is in line with the EYSA guidelines and policies.  We encourage our coaches to discuss playing time with players and parents if they are experiencing limited playing time.   

Q: How are the coaches selected?

Issaquah FC Select coaches are volunteer. For new teams, before or after tryouts, if there are parents who believe they have the credentials to coach a Select team, we will "interview" the prospective coaches. Please reach out to Kaylee at for more information and /or a new coach application. 

In addition to the Issaquah-specific FAQ's below, please also consult the generic EYSA FAQ's on this subject here. NOTE: clicking here will jump you directly to the EYSA site. EYSA (Eastside Youth Soccer Association) is the parent organization of Issaquah FC.

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