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Ref-In-Pool Program for U10+ Select, Premier and U13+ Recreational Teams

EKCSRA (East King County Soccer Referee Association) provides referees to all EYSA U10+ Select and Premier, and U13+ Rec, home games. All teams in these age groups are REQUIRED to provide at least one referee (called a "Ref-In-Pool") to EKCSRA. Coaches, working with their team managers, are responsible for sourcing a Ref-in-Pool to represent their team. The ref can be a team parent, or anyone willing to represent the team in the program. More than a single ref can represent the team and split the 10+ game commitment, as long as they meet the full commitment. Remember, however, the objective of the Ref-In-Pool Program is to grow the pool of adult referees. Teams cannot simply ask referees already in the program to represent them. If already in the pool, referees must demonstrate an affiliation with the team and be approved by the EYSA Referee Assignor.

The Refs-In-Pool for a team are required to referee (either as a Center Referee or as an Assistant Referee) 10+ games from the EKCSRA pool of games during the fall season (Sep-Dec). These games can be anywhere EKCSRA provides referees (but can't be your child's, sister's, brother's ... game). The more games a team's Refs-In-Pool referee for EKCSRA, the higher the priority the team gets for referees at their home games. This will translate into getting a Center Ref and a better chance of getting two ARs at games. Given the shortage of referees, teams without Refs-in-Pool will be missing ARs this year because we'll be asking them to be Center referees on other games.

Refs-In-Pool must be certified and must be age 16 or older.

The biggest point of confusion about the Ref-in-Pool Program? There are Two Different Referee Organizations:

EKCSRA (East King County Soccer Referee Association)

  1. Provides referee to premier, select, adult and U13+ rec games (usually a CR and 2 ARs)

  2. Primarily adult referees (although a fair number of youth referees for younger aged games)

  3. Center referees are usually experienced; Assistant Referees will be experienced for older aged games

  4. Requires a "Ref-in-Pool" from every team that uses their services

  5. Referees self-assign games through

EYSA Referees (Eastside Youth Soccer Association Referees)

  1. Provides referees to U8-U13 rec games (usually only CRs)

  2. Primarily youth referees

  3. A good training ground for new and/or young referees

  4. Has nothing to do with "Ref-in-Pool"

  5. Managed by local EYSA club (Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Hills, Mercer Island, Newport)

  6. Referees self-assign games through

Why Should Referees in the Pool be Adults?

  1. Schedule. Adults are generally freer on weekends than their children. Youths have a soccer game to play, soccer practice to go to, homework to do, etc. Plus there are some weekday evening adult games that only adults can cover.

  2. Provides a way for the parent to support their child's team. Parents can provided sorely needed support to their child's team without needing to coach. And they can plan their refereeing around the child's game, so they can still attend the child's game.

  3. Provides a knowledgeable adult on the sidelines during your child's game. Most adults in this country don't know the rules of soccer and having someone at your child's game who does know the rules and can explain them reduces the anxiety on the sidelines. This makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. This also provides you with an better understanding of the game your child loves.

  4. More reliable Refs in Pool. Adults are generally more reliable than children. They understand their schedule and commitments better, and have more control over them.

  5. Longer term Refs in Pool. Adults are more likely to remain referees for longer periods of time. The average turnover for kids (<18 years old) is 1.5 years - not very long. The average for adults (>18 years old) is 5 years. The whole soccer world benefits from adults as referees because the knowledge and experience stays on the field much longer.

  6. Exercise and Money. Referees get great exercise and get paid to do it.

  7. Best seat in the house. The center referee at a game gets the best seat in the house for watching a game.

Click here for information on how to find a referee certification clinic.

Click here for more about becoming a referee.

Please contact your Referee Assignor with any questions.

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