EYSA Referee Assignors

Bellevue                TBD

Issaquah               Jenny Hepperle         425-395-6118 (Club)             Jenny.IssaquahFC@gmail.com

Lake Hills              Lisa Getzendaner      206-399-6406                         LakeHillsRefs@hotmail.com

Mercer Island       Ken Robertson          206-963-4662                         MIReferees@gmail.com

Newport               Brent Sytsma             425-227-8835                         CoachBrent@comcast.net

Eastside FC          Ken Robertson          206-963-4662                         EFCReferees@gmail.com

Referees should contact an EYSA Referee Assignors (listed above) with any questions or issues they have with U8-U12 Recreational games. They should contact an EKCSRA Assignor with any questions or issues they have with Select, Premier or U13+ Rec games they have.

The EYSA Referee Assignors are also a resource anyone can use to address questions about rules of the game.

If there are any referee abuse issues, this contact needs to be made ASAP.