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How Referees are Assigned

The two referee organizations in our area are EYSA Referees and East King County Soccer Referees Association (ECKSRA).

EYSA Referees provides referees for U8-U12 Rec matches. Referees are able to log on to the EYSA referee site to see which games are available and then self-assign games that work for their schedule.

For recreational games with older U13+ players, and all U10+ Premier and Select games, EKCSRA provides our local referees. Each EYSA club has a referee coordinator with the authority to add games to the EKCSRA site. Referees are then able to self-assign these games. Referees are rated and therefore only able to self-assign games considered to be within their ability. As referees gain experience, their rating increases and they are thus able to referee higher-level games. Teams with referees in the Ref-In-Pool program receive priority in having their matches assigned referees.

Do I have Referees for my Home Game?

You can look at the public side of the referee assigning websites to see if your game has referees assigned to it or not.

Use the Search Criteria to find your game. If there is an "OK" in the Referee column(s), you have a referee.

No Referee For Your Game? What Do You Do?

In most cases, if no referee shows up for your game, you should go ahead and play the game. Find a parent to be the referee. Perhaps find one parent from one team for the first half and a parent from the other team for the second half. Don't make the coaches be referees. They have their job to do.

You can discuss postponing the game with the other team. If both teams agree, you should both contact your clubs to make sure the clubs agree with rescheduling. It is difficult to reschedule games and field time, and your club is unlikely to support you.

If you see on the website that no referees are assigned to your game on the day of your game, it is a little easier to talk to the other team about rescheduling, but your club still needs to support your reschedule.

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