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Referee Evaluations

Anyone can leave feedback on a referee's performance for any game in the last 15 days. When leaving feedback, please make it constructive and please consider the age of the referee.

If you leave feedback which is taken as you blowing off steam, the referee assignor will likely discount your feedback and handle accordingly.

If you have a U08-U12 Rec team, and your game was played in Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Hills, Mercer Island or Newport in the fall, the coach will be required to leave feedback when he/she enters the score for your game. If you aren't the coach, you can leave feedback for all EYSA games at the link above.

Generally all Select, all Premier and U13+ recreational games played in East King County.

Use the Search Criteria to find your team and then click on the icon for the referee for whom you'd like to leave feedback.

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